H&M Photography's Mission is to
"Inspire & Spread the Power of Authentic Memories, while leading the way to reconnecting with the Moment"
H&M Photography is focused on creating a session that is completely tailored to the individuality of you and your family. I pride myself in my ability to capture the Authentic emotion in the moment that will show for generations to come. We do not pose nor do we direct, we allow you to genuinely shine. With images being mass produced by numerous other photographers it's easy to overlook the beauty in the undirected moment. At H&M Photography, each shoot is allowed to flow Organically to create the best possible moments to remember for a lifetime, and each and every image is edited individually. That means no being sent out and being mass edited! 

Each shoot and Image is special to me and I enjoy being apart of making memories with you and your family. 

I look forward to meeting you! 

Daniell M. McAfee

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